Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Granger Knives Model 3

The Model 3

This is a very popular knife due to her small size.
This knife sports a 2.5" x 0.125" hand-rubbed, selectively heat-treated 0-1 blade. The o.a.l. is 6.5".
She'll do a lot of cutting chores and take up very little space.
First in stabilised walnut

Next in green, dark green and white G-10 with a Scandinavian-styled grind.

Next in Carbon Fiber, also with a Scandinavian styled grind. This is a slightly different version of the M-3, a bit more tactical. She offers a stainless blade, carbon-fiber handles, stainless hardware and a Kydex sheath. Dimensions are as above.

And finally in a Japanese styled cord wrap over genuine ray skin.